Your Ultimate Jackson Hole Summer Vacation Packing List

Jackson Hole Vacation Packing Tips

Headed to Jackson Hole, Wyoming this summer? Lucky you! Without a doubt, Jackson Hole is a giant outdoor, natural, playground, and there are endless adventures to be had!

Because there are so many different activities to engage in, packing for a Jackson Hole summer vacation takes a little extra planning than a beach getaway might.

Not to worry, we happen to be experts on the subject and will happily help guide you!

Jackson Hole Vacation Packing Tips

Not every item on the below list may be necessary, it all depends on which activities you plan one doing, but read through the list and determine which items you may need:

Bathing Suit

vacation packing tipsThere are way more ways to take a dip than you might think. Rivers, hotel pools, hot springs, and more are all ways for you to cool off or warm-up, depending on your preference!

Sunscreen + Sun Protection

The higher the elevation the stronger the sun’s rays. Summertime means less clothing and more skin exposure, so be sure to slather on the sunscreen, or wear light, long-sleeved clothing and hats.

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Flip Flops

You won’t want to wear these while hiking, but you may find your feet sigh with relief at the freedom after being in tennis or hiking shoes all day long. You can wear your flip flops around your hotel or en route to go out to eat, for example.

Plenty of Layers

Summer is a lovely season in Jackson Hole, but temperatures will drop at night. It’s always a great idea to pack layer options to ensure you’re comfortable no matter what. It doesn’t typically get warmer than the low to mid-80s during the summer days, and temperatures can get down to the 40s at night.

Footwear Fit For Dancing

vacation packing tipsJackson Hole is thoroughly western, and a pair of cowgirl, or boy, boots, may just come in handy if you fancy a line dance at one or two of Jackson Hole’s iconic nightlife spots.

Quick Drying Athletic Wear

Perfect for a variety of activities, quick-drying athletic wear will keep you comfortable and – dry! For example, if you intend to go white water rafting down the Snake River, feeling soggy from wet denim or other non-quick dry materials is less than ideal. Hiking, cycling, climbing, and even just strolling around will be more enjoyable.

Water Shoes

This is another item useful for river rafting. If you don’t want to go buy a pair of water shoes, opt for sandals with straps or an old pair of sneakers than you don’t mind getting wet.


Going horseback riding? Long pants will ensure your inner thighs aren’t rubbed raw! These will also come in handy in case of low temperatures in the evenings.

Tennis Shoes, Hiking Shoes, General Close-Toed Shoes

Jackson Hole is wild! Even if you don’t have the more intense outdoor activities on your agenda, you’ll still need close-toed shoes from time to time. Walking around, light hiking, horseback riding, etc. are all activities that either require or are more comfortable with close-toed shoes on.

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Adventure Protection For Your Tech Gear

Again, this all depends on which activities you plan one doing. If you want to go river rafting, for example, your phone should be in a waterproof case or left in the hotel room! Be sure to consider the toll that your adventures may take on your tech gear, and figure out which casings and protection might help protect them.


vacation packing tipsWith so much wildlife everywhere, binoculars will come in handy!

Extra Memory Cards

Do not underestimate the beauty of Jackson Hole! Be sure to have extra memory cards for the thousands of pictures you may take!

Quick Dry Towel

Might be nice to have a quick dry towel to take out on day excursions – river rafting, fly fishing, swimming, etc. Your hotel will have regular towels, but a quick dry towel is better for off-property activities.


If there’s a number one item many people forget to pack, it’s this. Obviously, you won’t want to be dragging around your suitcase while you go out for a hike or cycle, so therefore it’s smart to bring a day backpack or bag of some sort.

GoPro Attachment Accessories

It’s easy to forget that you may need both hands for some of the adventurous activities. Both hands occupied = no ability to film. This can be easily solved by bringing a GoPro helmet attachment or waistband, for example.

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There you have it! Important packing considerations for a Jackson Hole summer vacation. Undoubtedly you’re going to have the trip of a lifetime and make long lasting memories.

Jackson Hole is a popular summer destination, so if you do intend to visit, try to book your hotel accommodations in advance! Snow King Hotel will gladly help you book your stay, and will also be happy to answer any packing, or visiting, questions you may have!

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