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6 Activities to do With Your Toddler In Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A large percentage of family memory making takes place over summer vacations. As soon as school’s out, the opportunities to gather the gang and head out to a new destination become much more abundant.

For families with one or more toddler, or younger, age kids, figuring out where to vacation to can be a challenge. The point of a family vacation is to explore, experience, and relax with each other. Yet, if the destination is ill-suited for the little ones, that will prove to be a challenge. No need to fret over where to go this year, we’ve got one epic destination in mind that;s perfect for the entire family.

Towering mountains, rushing lakes, and all the outdoor adventures one could ever desire. Welcome to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Highly popular during the winter months, but absolutely spectacular when the weather warms, Jackson Hole is a top summer vacation destination. Nestled between both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole is a nature-lovers haven and leaves its vacationers feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Toddler Travel Tips

The cherry on top? It’s toddler-friendly. There are plenty of exciting activities and beautiful sites to see and experience with your youngest family members in Jackson Hole. Here are some of our favorite Jackson Hole summer activities to do with toddlers:

1. Hike Around Taggart Lake Trail

toddler travel tipsThis trail boasts panoramic views, lake views, and is only about two miles roundtrip on level terrain. It’s a lovely trail without being too long for the little ones to tire out. If your kids aren’t walking yet, you can rent Osprey Child Carrier packs per day at Teton Mountaineering.

2. Rent a Bike & Trailer

Cruising around Jackson Hole via bike is one of our favorite ways to get around! There’s so much to see from mountains to the occasional moose walking by! You can rent a cruise from various shops in town, and Snow King Mountain Sports shop rents Burley bike trailers by the day. The paved bike path system is really thorough and offers the ability to see everywhere from the airport to Jackson to Teton Village. You may even meet a bison along the way!

Find Out How to Get the Perfect Summer Getaway In Jackson Hole.

3. String Lake

What lovelier way is there to spend an afternoon together, than being lakeside surrounded by mountains and trees? String Lake is fairly shallow clear lake (the middle gets a bit deeper), with plenty of alcoves where you can sit, relax and just enjoy under trees. You can rent kayaks and take them out on the calm waters – don’t forget your life jackets! An added bonus is that there isn’t a very long walk from the parking lot, making the entire experience as simple, but thoroughly enjoyable, as possible.

4. Pick a Park, Any Park!

If Jackson Hole is the land of adventure for adults, it’s the land of parks for kids. With over 15 parks spread around the town, the challenge lies in choosing which one to go to! For the most part, each park has some amount of playground equipment.

5. Snow King Mountain Bungee Trampoline

toddler travel tipsThe kind of fun every kid, even toddlers, dreams of having! Bounce, flip, and fly on the bungee trampoline at Snow King Mountain. Perhaps not every toddler will be totally ready to try this, but it is open to kids as young as three.

6. Snow King Mountain Mini Golf

Nothing says family vacation more than a round of mini-golf! Snow King Mountain mini golf is a new, state-of-the-art 18-hole course. The course itself is multi-leveled and welcome to kids of all ages. Younger toddlers may need a little extra assistance getting used to holding the club and hitting the golf ball, but with some help from you (mom and dad), they’ll get the hang of it in no time!

You may go forth in your summer vacation planning with confidence that Jackson Hole has plenty to entertain the youngest tourists without over complicating life!

Aside from all of these toddler-friendly outdoor adventures, you can spend quality time with each other inside one of the coziest and most luxurious family-friendly resorts in town – Snow King Resort.

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