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Foliage, Fat Bikes, Festivals and More! 7 Reasons to Visit Jackson Hole This Fall

what to do in jackson hole fall

Spectacular barely scratches the surface as a descriptor for Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the fall. Best known for being a winter wonderland and a summer escape, few visitors realize the numerous benefits of visiting Jackson Hole in the autumn. Between festive events, changing scenery, and a sharp decrease in tourists, there are more reasons than naught to take a trip the area in the fall months.

What to Do in Jackson Hole This Fall

The reasons to visit Jackson Hole in the autumn are abundant! We’ve listed some of our favorite reasons below.

1. Soak in The Beauty Undisturbed

what to do in jackson hole fallFor many nature lovers, summertime brings too many other people. Not only are the constant selfie sticks and chatter distracting, but such activity doesn’t exactly compel the wildlife to make an appearance. Between the two great National Parks – Yellowstone and Grand Teton – are ample opportunities to be at peace in nature and to see wildlife. The summer crowds are long gone, and nature is ripe for your undisturbed exploring.

2. A Blend of Two Seasons

For the locals, fall is the best time of year because it blends the essence of the two most popular seasons – summer and winter. During fall, many of the day’s retain the summer warmth enabling hiking and fishing, yet other days are cool providing the spark of excitement for winter to arrive. If you visit in September, you can count on most days being warm. A visit in October will likely provide some warmth alongside a crisp coolness. Both are utterly delightful.

Plan Your Jackson Hole Getaway

3. The Fall Arts Festival Takes Place

As the season begins to change it’s only fitting that a festival takes place to celebrate! The Fall Arts Festival is widely known as one of the premier cultural events held in the Rocky Mountain West. This year marks the festival’s 33rd year and takes place from September 6th to the 17th. More than 50 events take place over the course of the festival featuring live music, delicious cuisine, lots of art, wine, and more. For further details, you can visit here.

4. Wildlife Sightings

what to do in jackson holeAs mentioned, fall can be a great time to spot wildlife! Moose are known to leave their typical habitat near water to explore the dry sagebrush and forage on bitterbrush bushes in the fall months. Elk bugling, the very distinct sound an elk makes to attract a mate, can be heard clearly in the fall. Not only can you hear the bugling, but you can also see the Elk! As the warm weather ends the birds begin to flock. You might be able to see American Coots, Bald Eagle’s and more. Bison, wolves, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, moose are among the wildlife creatures you will have a great chance of seeing!

5. Magnificent Foliage

By far one of the most awe-inspiring sights of the year is the beautiful display of fall foliage. Jackson Hole may just be one of the most beautiful destinations in the world to observe and take in the changing colors. The iconic Aspen trees change from yellow, to a burnt gold, to a final, deep, red before dropping the leaves altogether. The Aspen tee isn’t alone, though, Cottonwoods are seen turning vibrant shades of yellow, as well as many other tree species.

6. Hunting Season

Whatever game you wish to hunt, it’s season occurs sometime during the fall. Jackson Hole offers cutthroat trout, elk, mule deer, and moose. Keep in mind, though, hunting in Jackson does require a bit of pre-planning. Non-residents must apply by January 31st for Elk, February 28th for moose, and March 15th for deer. If you didn’t make it this year, start preparing for next!

7. Not Biking, but Fat Biking

For adrenaline and adventure junkies, there’s always a new frontier. The latest outdoor leisurely activity is fat biking. Essentially, a fat bike is the same as a regular bike except the tires are 3.8 inches wide. The reason fall is fat biking season is because the thick tires on the bikes can handle nearly any terrain. The fat bikes enable the biking season to carry on into the colder months! Keep in mind – these bikes take some serious muscle! But they are well worth the output for the excitement and fun they provide! You can rent fat bikes at any bike shop in Jackson Hole.

Which season to visit Jackson Hole during primarily depends on which activities you wish to partake in. With that being said, autumn will always be a spectacular time to visit and enjoy the immense beauty of Jackson Hole.

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