How to Plan The Wild Wyoming Wedding of Your Dreams

Jackson Hole Wyoming Weddings

For those couples who are in love with each other and the idea of a magnificent western wedding, Wyoming is the perfect place. The western aesthetic combines majestic mountains, big blue skies, elegant cabins and more. Cozy describes the energy in part, but it’s more than that. Fresh, adventurous, and blissfully unknown, Wyoming is a balance of raw nature and passionate people.

Jackson Hole Wyoming Weddings Will Make Your Dreams Come True

Jackson, Wyoming is a true mountain town and is one of the best towns in Wyoming to have a wedding since it offers the wild west with plenty of modern conveniences. We highly recommend choosing Jackson as your Wyoming wedding destination, and we’ve got a few insights and advice to offer you!

Incorporate the Tetons

One of our nation’s greatest mountain ranges towers over Jackson: the Grand Tetons. Mountains have a certain magic to them, as do weddings, so combining the two is nothing short of dreamy. You can choose to have your ceremony at a venue with a view of the Tetons and/or you can choose to take wedding photos in front of them.

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Spend a Day Shopping in The Town Square

Considering Jackson is an authentic western town, there’s no end to the goodies you’ll find in the various shops in the town square. For example, pick up cowboy boots for the wedding party! Either for enhanced dancing fun at the reception, or for some crazy fun wedding photos!

jackson hole wyoming weddings

A Distinctly Western Ceremony Arch

Trade in flowers or drapes for antlers. In true Wyoming form, you can get married under an Antler Arch!

Say ‘I Do’ At The Top of Snow King Mountain

Embark on a wedding adventure by having your ceremony at the top of the magnificent Snow King Mountain. Ride the chairlift in full wedding gear with your veil trailing in the mountain sky. Send your guests up ahead of time and give them a memory they won’t soon forget!

Jackson Hole Wyoming Weddings

Hire a Local Band

Though it may be a rather small town, Jackson has a plethora of skilled, local musicians you can hire for your reception! Just another way to bring the culture of the west into your special day.

Opt For a Western Ranch Wedding

Another venue option within Jackson is a ranch! There are many to choose from, all of which range from working to luxury ranches, each featuring a distinct aesthetic!

Incorporate Local Cuisine

Jackson Hole Wyoming WeddingsWestern food is delicious in general, but Wyoming is cattle country so expect a mouth-watering menu filled with delicious farm-fresh beef. Additionally, Wyoming is blessed with plenty of farms so you can expect fresh vegetables to accompany your wedding meal.

Adventure Together

Aside from weddings, people visit Jackson to embark on every mountain, river, and wilderness adventure possible. Go with your sweetheart, or organize an outing for the entire wedding party. Options include a visit to Yellowstone National Park, hiking, paragliding, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, river floating, fly fishing, and more.

Indulge in Old Fashioned Photos

Remember when you were a kid and you visited a mountain town? Did you happen to pass by a store that displayed dozens of cheesy-but-fun photos of people dressed up in the old-fashioned western apparel, in sepia and black and white? You can recreate that entire experience with your entire wedding party!

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These ideas are just to get you dreaming, planning, and envisioning the possibilities for a Wyoming wedding. Whether you get married on the top of a mountain, in a luxury lodge, or on a ranch, the views of the Tetons and the invigorating Wyoming air will ensure your wedding is everything you’ve dreamt and more.

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For more inspiration, head to Pinterest and type in Wyoming wedding, there’s an endless supply of creative ideas! If you’d like to bounce your ideas off of a local or chat about what is possible, contact us! We love our town and are happy to help you realize your wildest Wyoming wedding dreams!



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