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Put Down The Screens, It’s Time to Facilitate Group Bonding in Jackson, Wyoming

team building in jackson hole

In an age where it’s simple to become acquaintances on social media, genuine connections, the in-real-life kind, are becoming rare. This poses a unique problem for not only the company team but also for friendships and families. Between phones, computers, tablets, and more, our heads spend an inordinate amount of time gazing down instead of at other humans.

What is to be done? How do we take care to keep our relationships strong and teams collaborating effectively?

Team Building in Jackson Hole

One of our favorite ways is through team building! Though many think of team building as stuffy games played inside a corporate meeting room, that isn’t the case at all. Outdoors, up high, on the golf course, in a river, there’s an infinite number of ways to bond through team building exercises and activities. Learning to communicate better, trust more, work as a team, acknowledge one’s strengths and weaknesses are just a few of the benefits derived from team building.

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Without a doubt, team building can be done anywhere. Some destinations are more well-equipped than others. Jackson Hole, Wyoming is one such place. Natural landmark features and the ingenuity of humankind have combined in Jackson to set the perfect stage for bonding. Here are a few of our favorite team building activities in Jackson:

team building in jackson hole
Source: Snow King Mountain

Tree Tops Course at Snow King Mountain

Deeper connections are formed when people are placed in situations outside of their comfort zones. As it turns out, many people’s comfort zones do not include being in a high ropes course in the treetops. Take your team to the Tree Tops Course at Snow King Mountain where they’ll have to work together to cross swinging logs, ride an aerial skateboard, and zip line.

High in The Sky

Gliding through the sky is another activity that most people are firmly uncomfortable with. We don’t suggest forcing your people out of their comfort zones, but you may be able to encourage them gently. Paragliding is a great way for each team or family member to step outside of their usual perspective and discover a new one! This is also an excellent activity for couple bonding.

team building in jackson hole
White Water Rafting

Hands down, white water rafting is one of the best ways to get an entire team to connect. The treetops course and paragliding are excellent for bonding, but the participants won’t get to interact as equally with one another as they will while on a raft! Your team will be led down a river, through rapids, and past wildlife, guided by a skilled rafting instructor. Together, the group will paddle, face fears, and experience highs. Some may need extra encouragement, and others may learn to soften the way they communicate. Learn more here.

Hiking in The Tetons

Mountains simultaneously exude strength and a magic softness. Within any relationship dynamic, the same is needed. Both parties should feel strong and confident in themselves, yet receptive and open-minded toward the other(s). Though this subtle dualistic energy may not be clear to your entire team while hiking through the Tetons, the experience of soaking in the scenery with one another will strongly resonate.

team building in jackson hole - fly fishing

Group Fly Fishing

The combination of spectacular scenery and learning a new skill work wonderfully to set the stage for a transformative experience. Jackson Hole has become a mecca for both expert fly fishermen and those who’ve never tried before. Learning to cast and mend, gazing at the water to discern subtle riffles and eddies, and soaking in the magic of the landscape will connect your team like never before. Consider if a fly fishing trip will work for your organization.

Disc Golf

During your team building getaway in Jackson, it’s wise to sprinkle in activities that are less intense. Having a myriad of different forums to bond and connect during will allow different participants to interact with each other. Where the extroverted daredevils might click during paragliding, the group comedian may shine more during disc golf. Don’t be fooled, though. If you’ve never played disc golf, it’s a deceptively challenging game! But it’s one that can be easily taken less seriously with room for plenty of laughs, snacks, and drinks.

team building in jackson hole
Source: JacksonHole.com

Climb Up a Mountain at Via Ferrata

It’s one thing to bond while rafting down a river or throwing a disc; it’s another thing entirely while on the side of a mountain! One of the newest and most exciting activities in Jackson is the Via Ferrata, which is an intense outdoor adventure at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Similar to a high ropes course, but there are also climbing routes that most ropes courses don’t feature. Instead of traditional rock climbing with a someone belaying, Via Ferrata has cables and rod steps that participants use to climb their way up a flat mountain face.

As mentioned, there’s no end to the ways you and your team, family, friends, or partner can connect more deeply while in Jackson. We’ve only scratched the surface of the available activities, but each one listed is one of our favorites. In between the more adrenaline-focused events, the group can share stories and laugh together over drinks, food, and while shopping in the town square.

After each day of team building, you’ll get to watch your group develop trust, learn better communication, and unlock creativity. A good night’s rest will be well needed, of which you can luxuriously enjoy at Snow King Resort.

Every day spent in Jackson together will ripple out into every day that follows. Plenty of lessons will be learned, boundaries pushed, and lifelong friendships cultivated. Please reach out to us if you’d like assistance planning a team building getaway!

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