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Living Like a Local in Jackson Hole With These Insider Tips

jackson hole tips

Google any destination for advice, insight, and guidance and most of what you’ll find is the same tourist spots visited over and over. Every destination is much more than its top 10 on TripAdvisor, and today we want to offer you a unique twist on destination recommendations. See, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is not your average summer vacation spot. It’s a place filled with the awes of nature’s grandeur, endless outdoor adventures, and most importantly – fun and quirky locals!

Jackson Hole Tips

On that note, we’ve spoken to a variety of our team members here at Snow King Resort to find out how they enjoy spending their free time during the summer months.

jackson hole tips

Flat Creek Float

Anne, the associate director of sales and marketing, explains that her favorite summertime activity is going for an inner tube float down Flat Creek with her son. As the name hints, the float is mostly calm, with only a few spots of excitement here and there.

Grand View Point Trail

Summer hiking is breathtaking in Jackson, and there is an abundance of trails to choose from. Lourdes, a reservation agent, says her favorite trail of all is the Grand View Point trail, which starts in the Jackson Lake Lodge area. Some of the highlights of this hike include stunning views of Grand Teton, Mt. Moran, and Jackson Lake.

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Summertime Fishing in the Salt River and Greys River

People travel to Jackson from around the world to enjoy the incredible summertime fishing. Perfect weather, gorging rivers, and plenty of fish combine to create the ideal conditions to spend the day on the river. There are plenty of fishing spots to choose from, but Greg, part of the banquet team, says his favorites are the Salt River and Greys River.

Thai Plate

Playing outside all day is tons of fun in Jackson, but it will surely work up your appetite. Most of the locals have been in the area for a while, and are well-versed in where their favorite spots to eat are. Alia, one of Snow King Resorts front desk staff, calls herself “basic” because she can’t get enough of the Pad Thai at Thai Plate.

jackson hole tips
Big Hole BBQ (Source: Facebook)

Big Hole BBQ

Certain foods are meant for specific seasons, and BBQ was absolutely meant for the summer. According to Parker, one of the sales managers, there is no better BBQ than Big Hole BBQ. It’s also reported that Kanye West claims Big Hole BBQ to be his favorite as well. It’s safe to say you will enjoy anything on the menu, but the wings are hands down the star of the show and are the best in the valley.

Now that we’ve got your outdoor adventure adrenaline pumping and your taste buds salivating, it’s time to plan your summer trip to Jackson! You’ll be living like a local when you arrive, and chances are you’ll hardly run into many other tourists! If you’d like any more insider tips and tricks to the area, ask away. We are more than happy to help you make the most out of your Jackson Hole getaway.

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