A Day in The Life of a Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide: Meet Will Pierce

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Summertime in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is an outdoor enthusiasts wonderland. With two magnificent mountain ranges, two nearby National Parks, and a variety of rivers and lakes, the abundance of outdoor adventure is astonishing. People travel to Jackson from around the world to enjoy its offerings.

We usually explain why a visit to Jackson Hole should be on your bucket list, what to do once here, and provide insider tips, today, though, we have a different spin on things.  A huge part of what makes Jackson so enjoyable are the locals. It can be hard to believe (sometimes – remove) because it’s such a small town, but there are plenty of locals who live, breathe, and work in this mountain paradise.

Fly Fishing Wyoming – An Insider’s Point of View

fly fishing wyomingIt’s those same locals that guide the rafting tours, fishing trips, and hikes; who teach skiing and snowboarding. The same people you’ll run into at the bar after an exciting day outdoors. To help our lovely visitors get to know the dynamic locals a little more, we are kicking off a “life in the day of” series, with none other than our beloved Senior Fly Fishing Guide Will Pierce. Keep on reading to get a glimpse into the life of Will:

Will, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Can you tell us how long you’ve been a guide and which outfit you work for?

“I’ve had a great eight years so far with Fish the Fly, which is one of the leading fly fishing outfitters in Jackson.”

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What time does a typical day start for you?

“My days start quite early. I’m up by 5:30 am, I head into town to grocery shop for lunches, then I’m at the hotel by 7 to pick up my clients.”

What is your favorite river and why?

“Hands down it’s the Snake River, because of its diverse ecosystem. It has large hatches which gives us the ability to throw large flies to an aggressive fine-spotted cutthroat trout.”

If you had to choose, what is your favorite part about being a guide?

“Smiles on faces. Getting to meet people from all over the country and even the world and giving them an authentic Jackson Hole experience.”

What is the best piece of advice you give to your clients before you get on the river?

“I always say, just remember it’s only fishing. They call it fishing not catching, have patience. Try not to get frustrated.”

After a day of guiding, how do you take it easy?

“I sit in my drift boat and drink a cold beer.”

A cold beer in a drift boat sounds idyllic, especially during the summer! Thank you, Will, for providing a little insight into a day in your life as a fly fishing guide. How incredible it is that you get to spend your days connecting with people out in the spectacular nature of Wyoming, life doesn’t get much better than that!

For those of you heading into Jackson Hole someday, we hope you get the chance to experience fly fishing for yourselves, and you may just be lucky enough to have Will as your guide! As you design your trip itinerary and make reservations, consider Snow King Resort for your adventure headquarters!

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