Six Hidden Hikes Near Jackson Hole You Won’t Want to Skip

jackson wyoming hikes

Sandwiched between two of our nation’s greatest national parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton, lies the blissful mountain of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Given its superlative position, it will come as no surprise when we say hiking in and around Jackson is spectacular.

Our Favorite Jackson Wyoming Hikes

There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to hiking in Jackson during most seasons, yet autumn is unique in that there aren’t any disadvantages. Inclimate weather aside, a fall hike through the Grand Tetons is deeply enjoyable due to the cool, crisp weather, spectacular foliage, and thinner crowds. Which brings us to our main point today, we’ve got an array of awe-inspiring hikes that are considered off-the-beaten-track, hidden even, for you to explore!

Explore Jackson! 

Cache Creek Trail

A trail that is known to be rife with wildlife, including moose and deer, with very few other hikers to scare them off! Also a great trail for mountain biking, it’s found east of downtown Jackson within walking distance or a super quick drive.

jackson wyoming hikes Hidden Falls WaterfallHidden Falls

Ok, this trail isn’t hidden, nor is it unknown per se, but it is so magnificent, we had to include it. There are numerous waterfalls inside Grand Teton National Park, and this one is breathtaking at 200 feet. Hidden Falls is an excellent trail, it’s relatively simple and tons of fun. This makes for a great short hike in Grand Teton National Park, leaving you with an abundance of deep satisfaction that only time in nature can provide.

A Very Secret, and Challenging, Hike

According to the former Park Ranger, Ash, this is among the most spectacular hikes in the world, but more specifically, in Grand Teton National Park. The hike is up Avalanche Canyon and leads to the jaw-dropping Shoshoko Falls and the alpine lake, Lake Taminah. It’s a challenging trail to find, the trail can’t be relied upon the entire way, and it’s definitely not a route for beginner hikers. That being said, you can read her full blog on the hike to get an idea if this is for you.

jackson wyoming hikes

Amphitheater Lake

Clocking in at 4.8 miles, the trail to Amphitheater Lake is a lovely semi-challenging hike filled with bird watching and wildlife spotting. There are some tough switchbacks and an elevation gain of nearly 3,000 feet. Every step is worth it, though, in case you were wondering.

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Goodwin lake

A lovely trail which winds through thick pine forest, along a sagebrush hillside, to a lake, and featuring magnificent views of the Tetons along the way. Depending on the season you’ll see wildflowers or luscious fall foliage. Goodwin Lake trail is about 5.7 miles.

jackson wyoming hikes

Crystal Butte

A very steep, spectacular, and relatively unknown in-town hike. Crystal Butte is often overlooked for the more well-known Snow King hike, which means more trail for you! When you reach the top you’ll have delightful views of the town of Jackson and then outwards towards the Tetons.

Whether you decide to go for the challenging Avalanche Canyon or opt for the simple and sweet Hidden Falls, every hike will be a treat to the eyes, a burst of energy to the body, and soothing to the soul. For luxurious accommodations to rest and regroup in, book your stay at Snow King Resort.

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