We Tested. You Win. Here are the Best Bakeries in Jackson Hole

You’ll find an abundance of travel advice for Jackson Hole revolving around the same topics over and over again; winter sports, logistics of visiting, events, and outdoor activities. All useful topics, to be sure.

In between long hikes, snowboard runs and listening to live music, though, you might want a pastry. Pastries are delicious in every single season, they can be relied upon to always taste good, and are usually sold in the coziest of places, a bakery.

Best Bakeries in Jackson Hole

Which is exactly why, today, we want to focus on the important topic of recommending bakeries in Jackson Hole. Feeling peckish after snowshoeing through the mountains? Enjoy a bagel sandwich. Ready to soak up last night’s fourth beer? Nosh on a churro. Here’s the inside scoop:

Persephone Bakery

Persephone’s is a French-inspired bakery featuring artisanal bread and pastries. The breakfast menu is mouthwatering, and the hot chocolate is second to none. Though we recommend trying them all, the chocolate croissant is our favorite pastry. Order the lavender and honey latte if you want to be delightfully surprised. The atmosphere is trendy, and there’s an outdoor deck with seating available. Oh, and they use seasonal ingredients, which changes the menu every few months.  

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best bakeries in jackson hole

Pearl Street Bagels

Featuring 14 varieties of bagels, both boiled and baked, Pearl Street Bagel is another of our go-to’s. One unusual feature is that the bagels are not toasted, but worry not; one bite and it will all make sense. The bagels are hearty and filling, but there are also other menu items, such as delectable soup. It’s fun to create your own bagel sandwich; our team recommends the feta and spinach bagel with hummus, tomato and bean sprouts, paired with a delicious homemade cookie, brownie, or muffin.


Located two miles outside of Jackson Hole is the new kid on the block, so to speak, and has already made quite an impression. Voted best new restaurant by locals, PIcnic makes every pastry fresh daily. This bakery has a full menu, and serves breakfast until 3 pm!

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best bakeries in jackson hole

The Bunnery

For the ultimate comfort food, head to The Bunnery.  Great pies, cinnamon rolls, and the famous homemade granola. The carrot cake comes highly recommended. Keep in mind, the portions are big, but the prices are small!

The Bread Basket

Of all the bakeries on this list, The Bread Basket is the most popular among the locals. It’s a Mexican bakery, and the prices are delicious. The break is baked daily, and the churros are the real MVP.

Few things taste as satisfying as a freshly baked pastry consumed before, or after, a day spent in the glorious wilderness of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We can’t wait to hear which bakeries were your favorites, which you can tell us during your stay!

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