Four Exceptional Hot Springs Near Jackson Hole, Wyoming You Won’t Want to Miss This Winter

jackson hole hot springs

What could possibly be better than a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming during the winter months to dive into all the winter sports, cozy up by the fire at your lodge, and breathe in the fresh air of the Grand Tetons?

All of that plus a visit to a natural hot spring. Immersing oneself in a steamy hot spring on a cold winter day surrounded by snow and mountains is, quite possibly, heaven on Earth. It’s downright blissful. It’s the kind of experience we hope everyone gets to have at least once, and if you decide to take a trip to Jackson this season, the opportunity is ripe for you.

Hot Springs in Jackson Hole

You may be responsible for booking your flights, making reservations, and packing, but leave it to us to guide you to the very best hot springs near Jackson.

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Manicured, Simple and Satisfying: Granite

Located 30 miles southeast of Jackson, Granite is among the most popular hot springs to visit. The spring itself is completely natural, but there is a developed concrete pool to accommodate everyone more easily. It’s widely known and easy to find; about an hour from Jackson.

jackson hole hot springs
An artist’s rendering of the proposed Astoria Hot Springs bathing pools Rendering courtesy Trust for Public Land

For The Wild-at-Heart, Astoria Hot Springs

What gives away the location of Astoria is the distinct smell of sulfur as you approach. This one is a bit more exciting when it comes to finding it because it isn’t developed and requires following the river upstream for a while. You’ll be treated to stunning views of the Snake River Canyon. Be careful, though! This hot spring is known for being extremely, well, hot!

Family Friendly and Pools Aplenty: Heise Hot Springs

For those willing to drive an hour and 20 minutes from Jackson will get treated to a well-rounded hot springs experience. At Heise, there’s a warm, cold, and hot pool, as well as other activities during the warmer months. It’s located in Idaho and has more of a touristy feel, which often makes it popular among families and less popular among those craving a more natural setting.

jackson hole hot springs
Hippie Hot Springs Image by Christina Adele Warburg

“Hippie” Hot Springs

Exceptionally scenic, at the base of a waterfall, and not well-known, “Hippie” Hot Springs is well worth the $6 entrance fee. Hardly larger than a hot tub, it’s the ideal spot for an intimate group or a romantic rendezvous. The water is clear with a   hue. Just lovely!

With so many hot springs to enjoy, you may need more than a few days in Jackson. Not a problem as far as we are concerned, Jackson is the kind of nature-focused getaway that will leave you feeling replenished mind, body, and spirit. For luxury accommodations, book right here with us, at Snow King Resort. You’ll be near all of the hot springs, and will be able to chat with our excellent team of locals who can give you further tips and help you plan your trip!


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