Five Clever + Magical Ways to Propose in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

winter proposal ideas

There’s getting engaged, and then there’s getting engaged in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Experiencing asking, or being asked, for forever is magical no matter what, but why not start out this next chapter of a lifetime together surrounded by mountains, snow, winter sports, sitting fireside, hot chocolate, and the coziness of a winter wonderland?

The majority of folks consider Jackson Hole through the lens of skiing and snowboarding, not romance. Everything that makes our mountain town incredible for a winter getaway is what also makes it ideal for popping the question. We’ve got more than a few clever ideas up our sleeves regarding how and where to pop the question, in Jackso Hole, perhaps one of them will resonate with you!

Winter Proposal Ideas for a Guaranteed “Yes!”

1. On a ski lift.

How incredibly romantic will it be to shock your significant other by turning towards them, ask for their hand in marriage and cry and laugh together when he or she says yes? Oh, and all the while you’ll be surrounded by the incredible backdrop of the Grand Teton mountains. Oh, and you’ll have hired a photographer or recruited a friend, to go on the lift chair in front of you and capture the entire thing on video. Talk about epic! An engagement story to swoon over for the rest of your life.

winter proposal ideas

2. In a natural hot spring.

Jackson Hole is near quite a few natural hot springs. Picture the two of you, relaxing in the hot soring, feeling contented by the healing energy of the abundant nature, happily fatigued from a few days of winter sports. You’re chatting amicably or sitting in relaxed silence. Suddenly, you pop the question, tears of joy spring forth, and then you celebrate by continuing to soak in the hot water.

3. On top of a mountain.

You get off of the ski lift, make your way towards the run. You bend down pretending to need to make an adjustment, catch his or her attention, pull out the little box, and ask the question. Kisses, hugs, exclamations of joy, and the most exciting run down the mountain of your lives.

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4. At the bottom of the mountain.

This may take more… cleverness than the other plans. Somehow, find a way to ensure that you will be at the bottom of the run when he or she finishes. Before that, though, arrange to have a giant sign saying “will you marry me?” held up by a group of skiers, as you wait in front of them, down on one knee. As she makes her way down the mountain, the sign will come into view, and she will be in complete shock as she realizes it’s you causing all the commotion!

winter proposal ideas

5. Overlooking the Fireworks

New Year’s Eve is a spectacular time to pop the question. Stop by Haydens Post where you can view fireworks and the Snow King Mountain torchlight parade. Enjoy a special dinner, champagne toast and of course fireworks. When timed perfectly, she’ll say yes and fireworks will go off. Now, how could you ever forget an evening like that?

Use our ideas or create your own! Either way, getting engaged in Jackson Hole will be the biggest adventure yet! We also recommend doing the proposal at the beginning, or in the middle of, your trip so that you can bask in the joy of being engaged for the remainder of the trip. Pick our brains for more ideas, allow us to help you plan, and continue the celebrations at our resort! Book your stay at Snow King Resort today and get started planning!

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