Planning a Wedding? Here’s What Jackson Hole Experts Have to Offer

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Logistics, heart, and soul all go into planning and executing a wedding. For couples engaged to be married, there is a lot to consider and choose for the big day. We want to ensure that engaged couples feel as empowered as possible to plan and create the wedding that suits them best.

Wedding Planning Tips – Snow King’s Experts Weigh In

Few individuals have more insight and experience on this topic than the wedding managers at a popular wedding venue. To equip soon-to-be married couples with the best advice possible, we’ve spoken with Britney Magleby, the banquet manager at Snow King Resort, and Olivia Hurton, the wedding and catering events manager at Snow King Resort. Experiences combined, they’ve executed hundreds of weddings, and can easily tell the world what the essential components of wedding planning, preparation, and execution are! You may just be surprised at what they have to say.

Britney and Olivia, what is one of the most important pieces of wedding planning advice you give couples?

“Do what you want, and have fun!! It’s your day, so your opinion, wants, and needs come first. And always, always remember to have fun throughout the entire process. It’s a joyful journey if you allow it to be.”

Based on your experience, are there easily avoidable mistakes in terms of wedding planning?

“As mentioned before, do what YOU want and what will make YOU happiest. Don’t be afraid to stand up for that. That being said, don’t try to take on everything alone. Great brides are good delegators, and your entourage is there to help. So take advantage of that. But most of all, remember to have fun with the process.”

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For those couples only just starting out considering where to get married, what advice would you give them?

“Research and visit. You can answer loads of questions by looking online before you really even get started. Then, start calling and asking for more information. Most venues will be able to provide extensive information, pictures, and even price quotes tailored to what you’re looking for. When you’ve narrowed down your selection, get out there and visit in person. The general feel, the views, the venue, and your relationship with the service manager can play a big role in the big day.”

After being involved in countless weddings, are there are any, in particular, that stand out? Why?

“I’m always blown away by how creative couples can be. I feel that every wedding is a display of that couple and what they value most. I had a fun-loving, adventurous couple literally ski into their reception!”

Now, let’s get specific to Snow King Resort, for those couples considering a Jackson Hole wedding!

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In your experience, what is it that draws couples to have their wedding at Snow King?

“The Tetons!! We’re the only venue in the area located just one mile from the town square of Jackson, WY, that still has views of this signature landmark. In reality, couples choose to get married here because they love the area, and we’re just honored to provide an excellent venue and service to accommodate.”

Which aspects of wedding planning are taken care of by your team at Snow King? Which aspects are left to the couple to take care of?

“We provide the venue, the delicious food, on-site, day-of wedding coordination, basic furniture and equipment (tables, chairs, linens, flatware, etc.), and an avenue to local rental companies and vendors to provide the rest. Couples can choose their wedding vendors such as photographer, DJ, cake, florist, etc.”

How far in advance do most couples begin to plan their Snow King weddings?

“Anywhere from a year and a half to a couple of months in advance. In our minds, it’s never too early to start a conversation with our Wedding Manager, but we can exceed our couples expectations even with only a few weeks.”

How much room for creation do the couples have?

“We love to customize weddings and events to fit every couples style to an absolute T. If a couple wants a simple wedding with minimal décor, we let our existing venue and views do the talking. If a couple wants to go extravagant, we offer the support and freedom to go as big and beautiful as they wish! We’ve done everything from small weddings in an on-site condo with 12 people, to huge celebrations of 200 people on the grand lawn with a tent.”

What do you find to be the most magical component of weddings?

“The joy! After the wedding, we often receive such heartfelt and meaningful feedback from couples, family, friends, and guests. We have the opportunity to create a beautiful experience and to make memories that each person will never forget. And hearing that we’ve done so is the reason we do what we do.”

Thank you, Britney and Olivia, for your incredible advice and insight for wedding planning. You make it sound like an easy enough task, stay connected to authenticity and joy and all will be well!

For those couples getting started on the planning journey, we hope this blog provided you with some peace of mind, tools, or ideas. Just remember, it’s your day, and an expression of what matters to you most, as a couple. If you’d like to chat with our resident experts further, feel free to contact us. Britney and Olivia are happy to give you as many details as you need about exchanging nuptials at Snow King Resort, or guide you to whichever venues in the area will be the perfect fit for what you’re envisioning!

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