Many Ways to Play This Summer in Jackson Hole

summer in jackson

Now that we’re thawing from an incredible winter season, here in Jackson Hole, it’s time to get excited for all the joy that the spring and summer season brings. Imagine towering mountains sprinkled in hues of green and yellow with a bright blue sky in the background. There’s an abundance of adventures to experience in Jackson, and they’re all at the back door of Snow King Resort, on Snow King Mountain. To ensure you have a memorable and fulfilling getaway, we’ve prepared a list of our favorite Snow King Mountain experiences for you!

What to do This Summer in Jackson

cowboy coaster summer in jackson

Cowboy Coaster

You won’t be able to help but smile and laugh as you zip through spectacular mountain meadows, passing wildflowers and animals while looping and curving of the Cowboy Coaster. The coaster is a great way to drink in the magnificent summer beauty while also getting a special Wyoming dose of thrills.

Hike to the Top of Snow King Mountain

The best views to be had of Jackson Hole are from the top of Snow King Mountain. Getting to the top of Snow King is an immensely enjoyable experience; there’s a 1.8-mile trail that ascends 1,571 feet from the base to the summit. Every step of the way will bring you jaw-dropping views of the Tetons. It’s also enjoyable to ride the chairlift back down the mountain rather than hiking! Or, enjoy this hike more than once during your trip and hike down one time and chairlift another.

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Adventure Through the Treetops

In our opinion, few adventures are as downright exhilarating as the Treetop Adventure Course on Snow King Mountain. You’ll get to fly across zip lines, stroll across suspended bridges, scramble up nets, make your way across swinging logs, and test your balance on an aerial skateboard. Don’t worry; you’ll be harnessed and clipped in so you can have plenty of run with minimal risk.

summer in jackson


Have you seen the film Freesolo? Inspiring! Not that we’re recommending you climb past 20-30 feet without gear, Alex Honnold sure has inspired a resurgence of climbing passion. Flex your climbing skills new or practiced at the bouldering park at the base of Snow King Mountain.

Mountain Biking on Snow King

People come from all around the world to mountain bike in the Jackson region, and some of our favorite trails are found on Snow King. Eventually, Snow King Mountain is going to have a downhill bike park made possible with a bike lift! This project has not yet been completed, so in the meantime eat an energizing breakfast and then get your body working as you make your way to the Cache Creek trailhead to begin your adventure!

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Do it all with the Big King Pass

As you now know, there is an abundance of adrenaline, fun, and excitement to be had on Snow King Mountain. You can pick and choose your activities, or purchase the Big King Pass and do them all! The Big King Pass is a single-day pass which includes a tour on the Treetop Adventure, the Cowboy Coaster, Mini-golf, Alpine Slide, Amaze’n Maze, Bungee Trampoline, and Scenic Chairlift.

Even if you spent a month in Jackson, you would only be able to scratch the surface of the available adventures. Which, in part, is why we recommend a Snow King Mountain focused trip. A few days to a week spent enjoying the various facets of Snow King Mountain and Jackso Hole will leave you feeling satisfied.

Imagine breathing in the fresh mountain air and drinking in the magnificent sights of uninterrupted nature. Spring and summer in Jackson are simply magnificent. Here at Snow King Resort, we are so lucky to have Snow King Mountain at our backdoor, and we invite you to enjoy our Summer Adventure at the King package. This package offers 15% off the Big King Pass and 15% off lodging for two adults. We hope to see you very soon!

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