Haydens Post is Excited to Welcome a New Chef: Martin Levitz

Here in the idyllic, tucked away mountain town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, many things tend to stay the same. This town enjoys it’s tranquil, nature-led pace of life. The Grand Teton mountains tower over us as they have been doing for millennia. Cuisine, on the other hand, is one facet of Jackson that evolves and shifts with the seasons and the trends.

One of Jackson’s most beloved, charming, and chic eating locales is Haydens Post, located here at Snow King Resort. Recently Haydens Post welcomed a brand new chef, Martin Levitz, who we have been looking forward to getting to know. A new chef often means fresh dishes, a revised menu, and a new overall flavor of the restaurant. Here’s a quick taste of Martin’s background, vision, and enthusiastic personality.

Martin, tell us your story. Where are you from? What does cuisine represent to you?

“I am from a small mountain town in upstate New York Called Lake Placid.  During my upbringing, there was an importance placed on food; rather than a favorite teddy bear, I had my father’s spatula. I used to sit and watch my father and grandmother meticulously prepare meals with love and care, considering every single detail. Our family events instilled, within me, a passion for quality food. Over time I began to understand that food is simply a conduit for love and connection, often creating life long memories. For me, food represents community, love; food represents me.”  

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Which aspect of being the Chef at Haydens Post are you the most excited about?

“It’s very exciting to me that I have this incredible opportunity to use my life’s passion to create a memorable legacy for Snow King Resort. I am honored to be a part of elevating our food and beverage department. I am grateful that my vision is instrumental to the long-term success of my department.”

What new dishes can we look forward to on the menu?

“There are many great dishes on the new menu. My favorites include the Wild Boar Saltimbocca and Elk tenderloin. Also, the Gnocchi is a beautiful pasta dish, which, in my opinion, highlights the strong, fresh produce our growing season has to offer.”

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What is the go-to meal you cook at home?

“When cooking at home, I try to utilize as many local offerings as possible. Typically I source the proteins from the numerous small farms here in Jackson. My favorite dish is grilled grass-fed ribeye with grilled seasonal vegetables, all from the farmers market!”

Share with us some of your favorite adventures to have in, and around, Jackson Hole?

“My favorite adventure in Jackson by far is skiing Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. It has an immense amount of terrain available; you never have to repeat a run if you don’t want to.”

Martin, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. We simply can’t wait to taste the new cuisine which, we hope, is full of your passionate, loving energy!

For those of you contemplating visiting Jackson Hole for the first time, or are planning a return trip, you can make a reservation to dine at Haydens Post here. We hope you get the chance to taste the delicious cuisine crafted by Martin and his team!

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