6 Ski Trip Essentials You May Not Have Considered

ski trip pack list

Hitting the slopes soon? Gloves, skis, and a parka are most likely on your Jackson Hole packing list, but what might you be missing? We’ve rounded up a few oft-forgotten essentials that serve a big purpose. We want you to come prepared and enjoy your trip!

Ski Trip Pack List


Chapped lips are the worst! Between the higher altitude, sun and snow, if your lips are even slightly dried out before you hit the slopes they will be shredded by the end of the day.

Choose a salve that is thick and rich enough to moisturize thoroughly and make sure that it has sun protection, too.  Keep it in an accessible pocket.


As much as the weekend is all about slope time, you are bound to have some downtime too. Download a good Kindle book before you leave so you have something fresh and new to read. Or if you’re looking to completely unplug, pack a few physical books. As important as an active getaway is, a good rest is also essential for a complete recharge. 


There aren’t many activities that dry the skin more than a day on the snow. A good, deep moisturizing lotion applied often will help your skin stay supple. If you happen to have a bluebird day, you’ll be glad if that lotion has an SPF. 


Stay hydrated the easy way. Pack your water right on your back! You will never regret having a hydration pack after a long glide downhill or a long trek up. Staying hydrated also helps you stay energized and keeps your skin looking supple. 


You know how it is, you head inside after a long, brisk day and your nose will not stop running. Pack some nice thick tissues to have on hand so you don’t have to settle whatever you can find, Being outside in the cold is hard enough on your skin without excessive wiping and rubbing with stiff and harsh paper. 

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There’s something about floating on the snow with a soundtrack that really elevate a ski experience. Create your favorite playlist to guide your day with “warm up” music in the morning, a faster beat during the middle of the day, and a “cool down” at the end of the day. Make sure they fit under your helmet though!

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Even the best skiers catch an edge and end up rolling down the hill. After a day of shredding, chances are you’ll have taken a few bumps after hitting the bumps, which means you’re going to be sore. Our advice? Pack some pain killers. Hopefully, you won’t need them but if you do, you’ll sure be glad you have them.

Sometimes it’s the small things that take a trip from good to amazing. If you don’t have to worry about chapped skin, painful shriveled lips, or dehydration, you’re sure to enjoy your weekend all the more.

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