Spring Adventuring – Why You Should Make Your Way To Jackson, Wyoming This May

visiting jackson in april

Spring is coming, even in the mountains. Spring, known for flower blossoms and newly budding greenery, is also a season of hope. May in Jackson is a glorious time, with the last beauty of winter holding on and the newness of spring budding. It is the perfect time to visit the area and experience the great outdoors. 

Things to Do in Jackson in May


Did you know you can ride your bike throughout Grand Teton National Park? This outdoor adventure will keep you busy for hours or even days if you’re up for it! Biking is allowed on the roadways but be aware, there are places that the shoulder is narrow and you will be sharing the road with motorized vehicles. The multi-use pathway extends throughout the park and is open to non-motorized vehicles only. This is a great place to enjoy the scenery for a long family bike ride. 


As avid fly fishing enthusiasts ourselves, stop by Snowking Resort anytime to hear the latest fishing tale. We believe some of the best fly-fishing in the west is right out our back doorstep. Check it out – you’re sure to be impressed! 

Join us Mondays and Thursdays on the casting lawn to learn from our resident expert instructor. He shares his best tips and secrets during these classes. You don’t want to miss it!

And social distancing is no problem around here. We’ve got lots of elbow room for all of our fly fishing enthusiasts.


Spring white water rafting is …. Invigorating! The water might be cold but swift adventure awaits! Choose a leisurely meander down the river to see the first buds of spring or rush your way through the rapids, fully waking your senses from winter’s slumber. 


Eke out the last bit of winter’s adventure skiing. Depending on the weather, backcountry skiing is usually good through May. Take the slopes one last time to celebrate a winter well adventured. 


Hiking is one of the most fun ways to get the family outside and into nature. Trails around go from easy to extremely difficult with views to match the level of the excursion. Pack a picnic and make a day of it. Bring a tent and plan a weekend camping staycation. 

We have space, adventure, and beauty galore. Pack up the family and come enjoy the scenery. Our mountain air is fresh and clean. If you are interested in an overnight stay, we are open for business at SnowKing Resort and our facility is sparkling clean! 

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